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Environmental Health Services

The Environmental Health branch works to assure the safety and wellness of our community by enforcing laws and regulations that protect public health. The services provided by this branch are required by law and are considered foundational public health services. Environmental health personnel inspect the following public buildings and locations:

  • regular and temporary food service facilities 

  • public swimming pools and beaches

  • schools 

  • motels/hotels

  • mobile home/recreational parks

  • tattoo/body/ear piercing studios 

Branch personnel investigate complaints concerning garbage, sewer, insects, and rodents. Our Environmental Health staff also serve as Quarantine Officers in cases involving animal bites as part of the Rabies Control Program.

Staff members also work to protect surface and ground water by inspecting the installation and repair of residential and commercial septic systems. Additional duties involve investigating food-borne, water-borne, and other communicable diseases in partnership with the Epidemiological Rapid Response Team and Communicable Disease Team nurses. When necessary, our Environmental Health professionals work with representatives of local and state agencies in order to ensure the health of our community. 


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